2017 Members

Thanks to all who supported the Young Shakespeare Players through our membership program in 2017! You are appreciated!


Arinkin Family (Dmytro, Janna, and Alex)

Baer Family (Alan and Lynn)

Baer, Mimi

Bier Family (Vicki, Caitlin)

Bloom Family (Jude, Alison, and Miriam)

Brasher, Brett

Brown, Hazel and Family

Andrei Caldararu

Carlsmith, Duncan

Crisp Family (Kristen, Britta, and Anders)

Dembski/Sullivan Family (Stephen, Sonja, Melissa, and Cole)

Deming/Henes Family (Marty, Uli, Sarah, Thomas, and Daniel)

Dentinger/Hill Family (Sue and Nicole)

DeVault Family (Peter DeVault and Ousia Whitaker-DeVault)

Devitt/Corner Family (Anne, Sean, Will, and Georgia)

DiPrima Family (Anne, Richard, and Alessio)

DiPrima Family (Frank and Helen)

DiPrima Family (Stephen, Dana, Dominic, and Téa)

Greer DuBois

Du Breuil, Paul

Edgoose Family (Julian, Jennifer, Maya, and Hugo)

Fahrenbach, Amanda

Feakins/Magoon Family (Peter, Carol, Robin, and Michael)

Feen, Hildy

Ferrante Family (Mike, Diana, John and Catherine)

Fishman/Morren Family (Lisa, Henry, and James)

Fons/Brasher-Fons Family (Mary and Lukas)

Forrest/Crandall Family (Jane, David, and Liam)

Franki/Williams Family (Julie, Heather, and Sophia)

Franson, Margaret

Friederichs/Bailey Family (Kurt, Susan, Emmaline, and Madeline)

Grapentine-Benton Family (Lori, John, and Noelle)

Glinberg Family (Lanny, Simone, Talia, and Lila)

Burns/Gundersen Family (Marguerite, Adolf, and Tryg)

Hamilton, Anna

Hook Family (James, Patricia, and Tressie)

Hoyt Family (Marika, Bill, Mara, and Mina)

Hudson/Martin Family (James, Diane, and Ariel)

Jagoe/Sibert Family, (Catherine and Toby)

Johnson, Kendra, M.D.

Johnson, Elizbeth

Karp, Frances

Karp/Talbot Family (Parry, Katrin, Ariana, Natasha, and Isabel

Kavaloski/Pront Family (Laini, Lianna, and Elisheva)

Keller/Carlsmith Family (Lynn, Caroline, and Joe)

Kim, Randall Duk, and Occhiogrosso, Annie

Kitchel, Lisie

Knight Family (James and Anastasia)

Kosseff-Jones, Anne

Lander/Eishbain Family (Rachel, Ali, and Dagan)

Lezburg/Yandell Family (Sharon, Brian, Zoey, Sarah)

Logan-Baer, Jacob

Lumsden, David

Logan/Kuo Family (John, Daphne, and George)

Majusiak, James, M.D.

Meier, Carl and Carrie

Meier, Richard

Mertz, Janet

Meyer-Rainford Family (Michelle, Neil, Rowan, and Cedar)

Nicol Family (John, Susan, and Silas)

Orange Tree Imports (Carol and Dean Schroeder)

Paddock/Wheeler Family (Stephen, Diana, Eva and Thomas)

Parkel Family, (Amy, Brad, and Caulden)

Pricer Family (Jane and Bob)

Riley Family (Dave, Colette, and Riley)

Rogers, Helen

Ross, Terry

Rubinstein Family (Suzanne, Matan, Mia, Amalia, and Noa)

Sacaridiz/Lapham Family (Paul, Jennifer, Zeke, and Oona)

Sadler/Donahue Family (Will, Beth, Arwen, and Perry)

Shannon Family (Miranda, John, Liam, and Max)

Schumacher, Karl (Memorial)

Sidelle/Mares Family (Alan, Louise, Finn, and David)

Siskind-Rogers Family (Sarah, Joel, Helen, and Sophia)

Sollinger/McNurlen Family (Laura, Brian, Sam, Rose, and Max)

Sorensen Family (Marian and Lee)

Stalker -Herron Family (Eva, Sophie, Kim, and Chris)

Strickon/Caldwell Family (Karin, Bill, Lillianna and Mara)

Veldy, Gemma

Walker, Gwendolyn

Walter, Robert

Welch Family (Lynn, Kevin, Emmeline, and Aiden)

Wesling Family (Donald and Judith)

Wheeler/Lewis Family (Kate, Dave, Ben, and Malcolm)

Wheeler, Blevyn

Zavos Family