As the young people of YSP continue their inspiring and unique work, we want to thank the families and individuals who have endorsed and aided their efforts by joining as official 2022 YSP Members:

Alatout/Lowe Family (Samer, Staci, Nadim, and Sophia)

Allu Family (Nithya, Akhil, Mukesh , and Priya)

Arinkin/Jilnina Family (Dmytro, Janna, and Alex)

Baer, Mimi

Barovic, Kim

Bier/Glyer Family (Vicki, Dave, and Caide)

Billingham Family (Stephen, Julia, Leah, Margaret, and Grace)

Brasher, Brett

Burns/Gundersen Family (Marguerite, Adolf, and Tryg)

Cahill/Lynch/Novak Family (Jeremiah Cahill, Nancy Lynch,
and granddaughter Veronica Novak)

Cartmill, Janet and Larry

Childress, Lynn

Colbert Family (Frances, Marcel, Frank, Massimo, and Louis)

Conway, Kelley

Cornelius/Heuring Family (Tamarine, Stella, and Walter)

Corner/Devitt Family (Anne, Sean, Will, and Georgia)

Crisp Family (Kristen, Britta, and Anders)

Dentinger/Hill Family (Sue and Nicole)

DeVault/Moon Family (Peter DeVault and Ousia Moon)

DiPrima Family (Anne, Richard, and Alessio)

DiPrima Family (Frank and Helen)

DiPrima Family (Stephen, Dana, Dominic, and Téa)

Dodds Family (Klara, Mike, Lukas, Isaak, and Jen Holman- Dodds)

Edgoose Family (Julian, Jennifer, Maya, and Hugo)

Fahrenbach, Amanda

Farkas Family (Joshua, Jaime, James, and Mercea)

Feakins/Magoon Family (Carol, Peter, Robin, and Michael)

Fishman/Morren Family (Lisa, Henry, and James)

Fleischman Family (Don, Gypsy, Michael, Zoe, Seamus, and Jude)

Fons/Brasher-Fons Family (Mary and Lukas)

Fletcher/Horvath Family (Bruce, Rita, and Leila)

Franson, Margaret

Friederichs/Bailey Family (Kurt, Susan, Emmaline, and Madeline)

Fritz Family (Eric and Chase)

Gagnon Family (Sarah, David, Nora, and Bear)

Glinberg Family (Lanny, Simone, Talia, and Lila)

Grathwohl, Kendra Dey, M.D.

Gray Family (Arden, Jen, and Peter)

Hamilton, Anna

Hanson Family (Tom, Melody, Emma, Dylan, and Jacob)

Haub/Musachia Family (Tim and Mary)

Hogan, Margaret

Holden Family, (Marlena, Colin, and Cory)

Hook Family (James, Patricia, and Tressie)

Hoyt Family (Marika, Bill, Mara, and Mina)

Ikeda, Manabu

Karp/Talbot Family (Parry, Katrin, Ariana, Natasha, and Isabel)

Kavaloski/Pront Family (Laini, Elisheva, and Lianna)

Keller/Carlsmith Family (Lynn Keller, Caroline and Joe Carlsmith)

Kitchel, Lisie

Knight Family (James and Anastasia)

Kosseff-Jones, Anne

Kuo/Logan Family (Daphne Kuo, John and George Logan)

Lapham/Sacaridiz Family (Jennifer, Paul, Zeke, and Oona)

Lander/Fishbain Family (Rachel, Ali, and Dagan)

Lezburg/Yandell Family (Sharon, Brian, Zoey, and Sarah)

Liu, Cindy

Logan-Baer, Jacob

Matteoni, Karen

Meier, Carl and Carrie

Meier, Richard

Mulholland, Brian

Mulholland, Thomas

Novak, James

Orange Tree Imports (Dean and Orange Schroeder)

Ozel Family (Melissa, Addie, and Milo)

Pedersen/Hartwell/Egedal Family (Jane, Rebecca, Elias, and Elisa)

Perlis, Chloe

Puckette, Elliott

Reynolds, Jane C.

Riley Family (Dave, Colette, Riley, Anei, and Aramis)

Rogers, Helen

Ross, Terry

Rowe, Virginia

Rubinstein Family (Suzanne, Matan, Mia, Amalia, and Noa)

Sadler/Donahue Family (Will, Beth, Arwen, and Perry)

Shell/Vaughn Family (Justin, Leela, Rafa, Gabby, and Vanessa)

Sidelle/Mares Family (Alan, Louise, Finn, and David)

Siskind-Rogers Family (Sarah, Joel, Helen, and Sophia)

Sollinger/McNurlen Family (Laura, Brian, Sam, Rose, and Max)

Sorensen Family (Marian and Lee)

Steiner Family

Strickon/Caldwell Family (Karin, Bill, Lillianna and Mara)

Trewartha Family (Grace, Justin, Esther, Evan, and Thomas)

Walker/Lindner Family (Gwen and Marley)